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There was an ant in my bathroom. We were cool. He was doing his thing, I was doing mine. As long as he stayed away from me, I had no intention of hurting him. Then he CAME CHARGING AT ME LIKE SOME CRAZY, CHARGING INSECT. And as I squished him with my killer (get it?) wedges, I channeled my inner thunder goddess, yelling, “I DO NOT LIKE CONFRONTATION!”

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It’s time to try defying gravity-

               -Like a shooting star, I can go the distance-  

   -Kiss me goodbye I’m defying gravity- 

               -I will search the world, I will face its harms- 

    -I’m Flying high, I’m defying gravity-

                -I don’t care how far, I can go the distance-

    -And you won’t bring me down! And you won’t bring me down-

                                                                                 -‘Til I find my hero’s welcome right where I-

                                -And you won’t bring me…  

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